I was an artist first, from when I picked up pens and paint in order to understand the world around me as a child. 

I was a sailor second. I was raised on the Welsh coast, in a ramshackle cottage next to the sea.  As I grew, so did my yearning for adventure and knowledge, a desire to see what was over the horizon. I took to sea at the age of 18, and have since sailed the North Atlantic, crossed the North Sea, explored the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Baltic. The world's waters fascinated me, as did the creatures who inhabit them. The sea is so vast, a physical representation of a complexity and beauty that can never fully be understood. I felt awe and wonder at that edge of knowledge.  So I became a scientist third, and began to read for a degree in Marine Ecology, and started to work on sailing cetacean research vessels. I completed most of my final year of study while at sea, laptop taped to a table in the galley completing coursework while sailing in the gulf stream. 

On my journeys by sea, I started to document research trips, encounters with whales as their mighty flukes flicked towards the sky, playful  dolphins, star drenched nights and painterly sunsets in illustrated field journals to preserve my memory. 

These journals  grew into their own entity, and form the backbone my debut non fiction, Move Like Water, which will be published by Granta in 2023 and so I became a writer fourth.

I am now based in Europe, and can often be found in my studio accompanied by my cat Neutrino or on the Baltic, where I sail and tend to a 114 year gaff cutter named Larry,  of whom I am the temporary custodian.