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A Symphony of Sleep 


I'm often asked 'what do you do about sleep?' when continually sailing and let's face it, my answer has changed quite a lot over the years.

When I was younger, I never used to sleep for very long at all, a few hours a night would do me fine. These days, at the grand old age of 27, although my bones are slightly wearier, I did recently make the long journey from Cornwall to Germany sleeping in two hour rotations non stop along the English coast, across the North Sea and to harbour.

In these instances, my mind always becomes enchanted with that of the whale, particularly the sperm whale, and their gracefully suspended sleeping arrangements, hanging in the water.

Sperm whales are conscious breathers, meaning that unlike us, their breath is not automatic. They can never truly reach the depths of sleep without a part of their brain reminding them to do this. They will also maintain social contact while sleeping, and sometimes travel.

Sleeping in these rotations while sailing, I feel like I have some small understanding of the sperm whale sleeping.


Artwork will arrive with the signed, handwritten story behind this piece. 


* I am offering the option to split payment into installements. If this is something you would like, please contact me via the contact page and we can set this up. 

A Symphony of Sleep | Original Artwork

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Painted in gouache on hand made Two Rivers 300lb paper. 

    Image size 55 cm x 37 cm

    Your painting will arrive with a hand written story, the inspiration for the image. 


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