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This image and the accompanying story tell a tale of the end of a long journey, time out of time and the elusive art of resting. 


This is a special edition of the limited edition print. The print run is 75 but only 10 (numbers 1-10 of the edition) will have hand guilded lettering. The following 65 will be hand painted but not hand guilded. 


Art prints are made in house, with care taken to ensure the highest quality throughout the process. Lettering is hand guilded after print in loose leaf. 


Your special editon print will arrive accompanied by a printed map showing the location and coordinates of the image, and a hand written signed story of the inspiration behind the piece. 


Unmounted, in protective sleeve. 


* I am offering the option to split payment into installements. If this is something you would like, please contact me via the contact page and we can set this up. 

Journeys End | Special Edition Limited Edition Print

SKU: 632835642834572
  • All art prints are made in house and hand finished to add a bespoke and collectable element. 

    This special edition is limited to 10 prints only of the print run (total print run = 75). Special edition prints will be numbers 1-10. 

    Printed on Fine Art Velvet Paper. 

    Ummounted, in a protective sleeve. Sleeves are biodegradable. 

    Size A3 +

    Lettering is hand guilded after print. 

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