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This piece is called Mother and Calf and was inspired by observing the
relationship between sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) mothers and
calves in the Azores. Sperm whale groups are matrilineal. The bond
between grandmother, mother, and daughter is the backbone of their
society. Females will feed and protect each other’s calves, knowing they
are stronger together than they are alone. It is impossible to spend time
with these creatures without reflecting on one’s own matrilineal heritage,
and the powerful role female wisdom can play in our own terrestrial lives. I
have often felt an immense pressure of being a woman in classically
masculine environments. It’s hard, and often unfair, however, I have
always felt assured that there is such a deep and subtle strength in

Unmounted, in a protective sleeve.

Mother and Calf | Limited Edition Print

  • All prints are made in house and hand finished to endure the utmost
    attention to detail and a bespoke touch.

    The print run is limited to 75. Each print will be hand finished, titled,
    numbered and signed.

    Size is A3+.
    Printed on Fine Art Velvet paper.
    Unmounted, in a protective sleeve. Sleeves are biodegradable.

    *Payment in installements is available upon request. If this is something you would like, drop me a message via the contacts page and we can set this up.

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