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This piece is called One World, One Ocean.
Nothing in our world exists in a vacuum. Nature is cyclical and everything is connected. The oceans shape our lives, from the air we breathe, to the shape of our coast lines, to the food we eat. They provide a source of soothing, a sense of wonder and majesty. The oceans shape us, but we in turn shape the oceans. We have been exploiting this connection, damaging the seas around us, in turn, damaging our own health. This piece aims to illustrate the connectivity of the oceans and human life. We exist alongside each other. We breathe the same air as the great whales. Human life is connected to marine life.

While I was creating the work, I had a migraine that was causing huge visual distortions. I could not focus on the page, as I could not really see what was in front of me. Instead, I thought about what it would be like to be a breaching humpback whale. Humpbacks are the most exuberant to encounter, and often breach the surface as if in a dance, fins waving, water streaming. I feel like the usual nature under which this was painted provides a fluidity.

Unmounted, in protective sleeve.

One World, One Ocean | Limited Edition Print


    All prints are made in house and hand finished to endure the utmost
    attention to detail and a bespoke touch.

    The print run is limited to 75. Each print will be hand finished, titled,
    numbered and signed.

    Size is A3+.
    Printed on Fine Art Velvet paper.

    Unmounted, in a protective sleeve. Sleeves are biodegradable.

    *Payment in installements is available upon request. If this is something you would like, drop me a message via the contacts page and we can set this up.

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